wilting strawberries

queensinfoJune 1, 2012

Everything has been growing and going great until holes started appearing in the raspberries (a separate thread) and two planter boxes of the 4 had badly wilted strawberries. Since it was almost all plants i thought that it maybe they dried out too much in the very hot weather we have been having. When i watered they came partly back the next day. Also, some lower leaves (possibly the ones in contact with the wet planting media 5-1-1) are dying, turning yellow and then brown.

I also found a small green inch worm thing hanging on a silk on one of the plants but that could be a coincidence.

Any thoughts. I don't want to wait and see if it was related to water only to have more plants go down. I thought plants generally come right back when wilting from lack of water and heat. It has been a really rainy stretch for the last month and the day they wilted was 90 degrees.

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