Blueberries not growing

tkhooper(7)June 22, 2012

I want to grow blueberries but I'm not succeeding very well. I did a soil test and amended the soil according to the information I was given by my local University Extention Coop. I use a pine needle mulch. And although they have nice green leaves they aren't growing any larger than when I planted them 3 years ago. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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Hello tk,
What kind of fertilizer is being used?Maybe try a little Ammonium Sulfate. Brady

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Healthy looking plant, congratulations, blueberries can be a challenge to grow so the fact that you have kept it alive for three years says you are doing a lot of things correctly.

As Brady suggested, give it some ammonium sulf (21-0-0) can either dissolve a tablespoon of ammonium sulf in a couple gallons of water and pour it around the base or sprinkle an ounce (couple tablespoons) around the dripline of the plant and water it in. In a few weeks if you don't see some new growth (light green leaves at tips of branches) then apply again. Once you start seeing the growth then back off the don't want to overdo it.


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How much sun does this plant receive and what variety is it? The plant looks healthy but should be much bigger after 3 years!

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The bushes are in a full sun bed. I will get the fertilizer recommended. I was using the hollytone.

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