pests on blackberries

ferroplasm Zone 7bJune 12, 2013

I have just a few thornless blackberries I planted last year. The leaves on the primocanes are being eaten by some pest I have yet to identify. There are also leaf hoppers all over the place and I think I saw a spotted wing drosophila fly.

What are my options for control? I had hatched an egg sac of preying mantids earlier this season, but they are apparently sleeping on the job. I'd prefer to try an organic solution, but synthetic insecticides aren't totally off the table.

Not sure if it matters, but there are small green berries on the floricanes.

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Check your leaves at night for the unknown pest.

Leafhoppers do not eat leaves but numerous nymphs might suck on and deform new growth. Oil might work on these.

Haven't hear of using mantids for fruit fly control. Too early for the flies normally unless you have some other nearby fruit coloring up.

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I am a rookie at best. How would I identify pest damage?

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ferroplasm Zone 7b

The mantids were just for fun. I wasn't expecting much out of them, and they seem to have either disappeared or eaten eat other. I haven't seen many lately.

I ended up spraying with neem oil last night. I had a bottle of it sitting around and I figured it couldn't hurt too badly. I did not see any culprits that might explain the leaf damage, which is localized between the veins. I do have a ton of earwigs; could they do this type of damage?

Regarding the flies, I have rabbiteye blueberries that are beginning to ripen about 20 feet away. Could they attract the flies?

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You can google "earwig damage" to see if the images look like your leaves.

Yes, the fruit fly is very attracted to blueberries, that is where nearly all the flies would be while the blackberries are green.

Vinegar traps can be helpful.

Your question is too broad. Any part of the plant that looks abnormal could be damage from pests, applied substances, or cultivating/pruning/watering techniques.

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