pruning peaches/fruit bud production

franktank232(z5 WI)June 12, 2012

I just hacked one of my peaches (cut out the central was looking like a Christmas tree). Plum curculio partly to blame (heavy fruit drop). I'm still good to prune trees and still get new wood growth/fruit buds for next year??? I fertilized the tree afterwards and gave it a good soaking.

On another note I think PC was late this year. I had clean plums through my second spray (early May)...sometime after mid month of MAY I think PC was very active here. I would have put another spray down, but I had a lot of flowers starting to open around my trees so I didn't want to kill the bees...I'm removing all flowers near my fruit trees because of this... One of my plum trees has dropped almost all the fruit...*&^^*&(&(*!!!

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Frank! It appears that the nasty spring and warm winter affected all of us. There is nothing worse than heavy fruit drop. Lets have some of that dark chocolate!

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I have one Reliance peach in my backyard that seems to have escaped the spring frost. Nice peach crop. I sprayed with Imidan.

The two Reliance peaches at my orchard site 5 miles away got hit with heavy frost so just a lite crop. They too got
sprayed regularly with Imidan and are just loaded with curculio damage to the fruit. I agree the PC population was horrendous this spring. Imidan always did great for me on PC control (unlike Malathion). Not sure what went wrong on those two peach trees. Quite dismayed on the fruit outcome.

The nearby McIntosh had 13 apples on it and no sign of PC
damage. It too was sprayed with Imidan. The only apple I
am still spraying as the rest had too few fruits to bother

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