Need help identifying a fruit tree!

mms08June 19, 2014

Please help me identify this tree. It's about 10 feet tall and has no fruit, so I'd like to know what tree to plant with it. Neighbors have no idea what the old owner planted, I guess there were two but the other one died. No other fruit trees in the neighborhood that look similar. I think it's a plum or cherry, but need to figure out which varieties To plant with it. Any help appreciated, thanks!

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Another picture.

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That bark says cherry to me. I see cherries turning red on quite a few neighborhood trees in the Bountiful area, but I also noted freezes during bloom that appear to have impacted other cherry trees. Freezes earlier in the year may have something to do with the lack of fruit. There are a lot of cherry trees in Utah, so unless you are in a new development area, I'd be surprised if there weren't some nearby.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Looks like a plum to me, both bark and leaves.

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My first thought was plum- almost surely a stone fruit of some kind.

Either way, it's a nice tree.

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