Concord Grapes

mrsg47(7)June 12, 2013

This is the first year (after four years of growing) that I have tiny, pollinated clusters of Concord grapes. Since I've only had leaves in the past, how can I best protect them? The vine grows like weed, and this year has tons more sun (due to cutting back privet). Can I use my triaz. mixture on them? Thanks, Mrs. G

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Mrs. G., How big are your grapes? I have concord grapes and mine have grape clusters for the first time, too. But I was at a nursery yesterday and they were selling concord grape vines that were covered in grape clusters and the grapes were the size of small marbles already. Mine are like the size of the tip of a ball point pen right now. Are yours similar in size?

I'm worried mine might not be getting sufficient sunlight or if I should have fertilized them already or something.

Hopefully the ones at the nursery just got shipped in from somewhere warmer where the grapes got a head start...

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Mine are the size of yours; they should be. We are surrounded by vineyards and their grapes (wine grapes) are the same as ours. I do believe nurseries sell more fruit trees and vines if there is noticeable fruit on the branch! Mrs. G

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Yes, they use hormones on them to induce fruiting.

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