NE Fruit Ripening Chart

mrsg47(7)June 11, 2012

Because most of my trees come from Washington state, I really do not have a good guideline to use for when my fruits (that have set) will ripen. Early, Late, Mid-season can mean different months in different parts of the US and Canada. It just isn't very accurate. Is there a fruit ripening chart for New England with specific fruits and their names?

Apples: Pristine, Enterprise and Jonagold

Plum: Italian

Peach: Elberta

As always thanks to everyone to comments. Mrs. G

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Adams County Nursery has one for PA. Add about ten days for RI.

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Thanks glib!

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megamav(5a - NY)

I just looked at the chart, and it seems like for the capital region of NY, its about 12-14 days difference based on the varieties im familiar with.
Harvestman can correct me if im wrong, hes probably more familiar.


Here is a link that might be useful: Apple Tree Varieties in order of Ripening

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Interesting that the list only has one September Fuji and no October Fuji varieties. I'm wondering if people are switching away from the later Fujis to Septembers. When I was looking for one, I recall seeing more September than October ripeners.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

Another way to do it is to look at the websites for local Pick Your Own orchards. Looking at a few near me (which should be pretty close to you, I think) I see:

Pristine- late July to early August. I remember picking these in past years at the place and they were pretty sour in late July...Maybe early to mid August would be better. They are made available right around Ginger Gold season.

Jonnagold- late September to mid October. A good sweet apple with some flavor. In the best years they have been one of my favorites. I do remember a couple times where they were subpar (too soft- probably too ripe) and another time where they didn't have much flavor or color (weather? not ripe enough?). But the other times they were very good.

I don't see any of the others, but that type of an approach may help you correlate the charts to your local.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Mrs. G,

I noticed the ACN chart doesn't list Elberta. I'm not sure how much the charts would help you anyway. I think this year a lot of crops bloomed earlier than normal.

If you can get an idea when someone in your area has some peaches ripening, you should be able estimate when to expect your Elberta. Most peach ripening times are based on Redhaven (the most widely planted peach in the U.S.). Elberta ripens +28 Redhaven. Here Redhaven normally ripens the last of July or the first of August. It will be much earlier this year due to the early spring.

Adams lists Redhaven harvest as Aug. 1 normally for South Central PA. You could probably add some time for being north of there and subtract some for the early spring.

Ultimately you know your getting close when you walk by the tree and can smell the peaches. Older varieties like Elberta will also start dropping peaches when they are ready to pick.

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Thanks to all of you. Do you all realize this is the only site for accurate info (most of the time) on the internet for fruit growers. Everyone else has something to sell.
I know my Enterprise is really late. This is the first year I'll have at least 80 Pristine apples. That is a lot for me! Its quite a crop for its first time at setting fruit after thinning! I'll wait until August to pick them I guess, I really do not want sour apples. Also, I write about the 'Pick Your Own' farms for our newspaper in my gardening column, so I do keep up with crops. The commercial pick your own farms don't grow the varieties I do except for 'Jonagold', that is the only apple we have in common. The farms are all inland, and everything ripens far earlier in those areas.

Olpea! I too noticed that Elberta was left out of the Adams County Nursery site. I really like the idea of walking past the trees and smelling the peaches. I hope the squirrels don't sniff before I do! Thanks all, Mrs. G

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