First year bkack raspberry problem

guatejoJune 21, 2013

I have 12 black raspberry plants all with vigorous growth and all but one with great berry production. That one has good growth for next year but the berries are strangely formed or not formed. My question is, should I pull it up and replant or leave it for next year. I lean toward leaving it for next year but not liking the thought of wasted space for a defective plant.

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Is it the same variety as the others? Are they in the same row? How close is it to the others? Does it get the same amount of water and sun?

If it is basically the same as the others in every way (variety, location, sun, water, etc) then I'd suspect something is wrong with the plant.

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Out of a group of caneberry plants, one can be strange. Perhaps it was shaded unlike the others, or its blooms got repeatedly wet unlike the others, or it is just strange.

One more year would prove it out. Would you replace it with another black-cap?

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These are all Black Hawk but I'd like to try Allen also. They are all in the same patch so they all get the same sun and rain, But last year after planting, some had an easier time than others so this year some are bigger than others. they are now catching up with each other for next years crop. They're still green and hopefully will ripen some time next month.

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