First pluots in Wisconsin?

franktank232(z5 WI)June 3, 2012

Probably not, but the 4 in 1 pluot from Raintree decided to hold 5 or 6 Geo Pride pluots. What is funny is that this tree had very little in the way of roots. I even repotted it one time into a larger container (just as it was waking up).

Fruitnut will be so proud.

Reliance Peach seedling:

Tomcots are going to turn soon.

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Everything looks nice and clean, Frank, good job. You deserve some success after everything you've gone through to get them to this point.

I'll be thinking about you as I eat tasteless California fruit (well, I'll probably not bother too much, at least I have strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currents, gooseberries coming on, and melon transplants ready to go in the ground).

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Very nice fruit!!! It all looks great. Just one thing, those don't look like Geo Pride. I could be wrong but Geo Pride isn't elongated like yours. Looks a bit more like Flavor Grenade.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I guess when they ripen, then I'll be able to verify with you what they are. Here is the tag on the branch...Dave Wilson better not of messed up my tree! :) :) It looks like they use some sort of color identification on the branches (Geo is green/Flavor is yellow)...?

Thanks a lot. A lot of clean fruit, but a lot of ugly fruit. I filled almost a 5 gallon bucket up with PC infested apples. 2 sprays of Permethrin was a savior for the 'cots and plums, but the apples got neglected and it was too late. Nothing wrong with berries. I can't believe the kids and I haven't turned red from the strawberries! You'll have a bumper crop next year and i'll probably have a yard of dead trees from -50F temps!

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You think permethrin more effective than triazicide?

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Can't say for sure, but looking at how bad my apples got hit and how clean the sprayed apricots and plums look, it must have been effective, especially with only 2 sprays (about 10-12 days apart).

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