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instengJune 3, 2013

I have a couple of old pecan trees at my place that are too tall to spray with the zinc spray. I got on top of my roof with a sprayer attached to my tractor that will spray about 50'. Even with that much spray I couldn't reach the top of the trees. I got the lower half well soaked though. Is there another way to get the zinc applied? I've read pecans do not absorp it very well from the roots.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Soil applied zinc sulfate works if soil pH is less than 6.

Here is a link that might be useful: pecan fertilization

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Thanks for the link. I will test the soil for the pH. I have a bag of Zinc Sulfate that is what I sprayed the trees with. I dissolved it in the water and sprayed it on as much as I could. The trees didn't produce last year when I bought the place but I think it was because of the drought mainly. This year it looks like they are loaded. I have applied a heavy dose of 34-0-0 fertilizer to them as well. They have probably never been sprayed.

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