Help: Week old cherry whip with gummosis on the top

FruitNewbieNYC(7b)June 4, 2014

Craig's crimson cherry on newroot1 bare root planted only a week ago. It's in a 20-inch container. But just found this out last night after work, there are clear gum at the head of whip. :-(

1. In your experience, is this normal for newly planted cherry whip?
2. Will this tree likely to have canker later years? (prognosis)
3. What should I do now? Would you recommend heading cut, once the weather is dry. Should I do it asap?

I did check Soil is Ph: 7

Thanks in advance for your help!


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That is not normal. That headding cut looks bad - it clearly didn't go as planned. Were it me, I would cut the whip back further. Use a good pair of clippers to leave a clean beveled cut about 3/8-1/2 inch above an emerging bud. I would probably cut it lower than that top bud that is so close to the issue. It is possible that whatever infection/issue that got into the prior cut could still exist where you would make a cut right above that bud.

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Thanks for suggestions. chrina.

What about this?
Yellow line is the beveled cut. Trying to leave a little stubs to distance out the infected area. 2 green circles are the future leader.. trying to keep it dwarf..

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Just a quick follow up and took a picture to show what the tissue look like. Is this a canker?

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