Glenn Mango won't grow new leaves AT ALL

KeysChrisJune 17, 2014

I live in the Keys. 2 yrs ago planted a Glenn Mango, then moved it to a safer place a year ago after a deer lopped off the top. Ever since then, it does not grow. It has all the same leaves. None die, but no new growth appears either. It is planted in a sunny place in a raised bed, which is what we do down here, due to our cap-rock not allowing much deep digging. The bed is about 2 ft high and 4-5 ft wide. The leaves do not look diseased. I feed it on the proscribed schedule with fruit tree fertilizer, still nothing. I do water it, esp since it is in a raised bed, maybe once a week, deeply. It can't possibly be in shock this long! Any ideas? Should I prune it back hard? I'm afraid to lose what little leaves it actually has!

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Pluck the leaves off a minor branch and see if the tree replaces them.

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Thanks, will try that!

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