what can I use to 'plug' this hole?

vieja_gw(z7NM)June 27, 2012

Some years ago a limb on an apple tree was cut off from wind damage & a hole remains the now healed over area where the limb was. I'm afraid water or ? will get into thoe hole & start some rotting of the tree. Is there some kind of 'clay', cement or similar I can plug this hole with? I realize the broken limb left a very unhealthy area where it once was!

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Perhaps wood putty and some tree wound sealant after it cures?

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ordinary cement or mortar work quite well; paint over it with white latex paint if you like. Wood putty has solvents that can damage the tree.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Leave it be. A hole, even if filled with water, isn't a problem.

Anything you might do to "fix" it is old school and will enable rot.

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shigo. long weekend. fireplace. wine. read.

shigo performed his work from a standpoint of forestry, but the basic principles of plant response are the same. in short, don't.

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alan haigh

You don't have to join the Shigo cult to learn the basics of tree wound healing, although he was the whacky pioneer of our understanding of the process.

I prefer Richard Harris, who digests a wide range of research for the nourishment of his arboricultural vision. Shigo has only a taste for his own cooking and makes theological leaps that defy science, IMO. He is more entertaining than Harris though.

Cement in trees creates a future nightmare for the arborist. I've had to remove dead scaffolds of ancient trees where I have to use a pick to break out the mortar to save my chain saw.

As Strob indicates, current science says "leave wound alone".

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Is it better to leave the wound alone than to clean out rot and to drill holes to provide for drainage?



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