Apple eating insect

Alfred7737June 12, 2014

What insect/beetle is eating my apple fruit? It is burnished brown, 3/8 inch long 1/8 inch body wide, which tapers down to the head at about 1/16th of an inch. Male and female congregate in and around the apple fruit and chew holes into it. They also eat the leaves.
If you know what it is and what can be used to treat the infestation, that would be a most wonderful response! Thank you!!

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valgor(4b, WI)

a pic would be most helpful, but i have had problems with rose chafers in the past and this sounds somewhat like them. Run a search for 'rose chafer infestation', as i have posted pics and see if this is what you have. If so Carabaryl has worked well for me. The invasion lasts about a week and a half before petering out (in my area at least).

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

It sounds like a beetle of some sort; apply beetle treatment. I had some small beetles about that size on my young apples. My treatment was I would go out at night when they were most active and smoosh by hand. I occasionally see them now that the trees are older but they don't cause appreciable damage anymore.


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