Reliance Peach tree trimming

val_s(z5 central IL)June 7, 2012


I'm just starting to get into peach trees and raspberry gardening now that I have a bigger yard.

3 years ago I purchased 3 Reliance Peach trees and while I've had a bit of a learning curve with them, they've done pretty well despite me :-)

My question would be does anyone have a link to either a good video or instructions with LOTS of pictures about pruning these types of peach trees? I believe the nursery told me they were a semi-dwarf variety.

I've talked to the lady in charge of fruit trees out there about pruning but she talks way over my head apparently because I can not get this into my brain. I need something for 'Dummies' or else age is getting to me.

I looked on the internet and have searched this forum but I wasn't holding my mouth right for the search engine and on the web it doesn't seem to specify my kind of trees. Are all peach trees created equal when it comes to pruning?

I did do a bit in late February but I'm still not sure I understand the concept. I'm in central Illinois zone 5 and am not even sure WHEN the right time to prune is. Sites are a bit contradictory on the score.

Can anyone help?

Thanks - Val

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Ive recently read about pruning peaches when I was reading up on plums. They can be pruned the same way.

I do believe that almout without exception, peaches should be pruned as an open center or a "V" or vase shape. Peach spurs are produced on year old wood. Because of this, THe trunk should be roughly 24 to 36 inches in hight, with the "whorl" (rosette of branches called "scaffolds" starting there. This makes it easier to pick fruit and prune. Its basically a tree, without a center stem.

The best thing to do is google "open center pruning" and go from there. You could also try "peach tree pruning". There are tons of great pages and videos under those search queries.

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