Which of your fruits taste great when not fully ripe?

MrClintJune 30, 2013

My goal has been to pick fresh organic fruit any (and every) day of the year. DWN backyard orchard culture (BYOC) has allowed me to do this successfully. Even with the best of plans, there can be still be gaps as ripening and harvests are not precise. My ripening schedule/plan is based on relative timing, whereas May starts with Loquats, Blueberries, and Desert Gold peach, then Beauty plum and Arctic Star nectarine follow thereafter (on into June). On and on it goes through out the year.

I would not reach my goal if I only ate fruit when it was dead ripe. The winners in my yard are varieties that can come in a little early and still taste great or hold for a time and still be excellent. For me, citrus is great and holds forever, but is not a good candidate for early harvest. All of my pluots hold well, but only Dapple Dandy tastes good when brought in early. Flavor King is nasty if not dead ripe.

So which of your fruits taste great when not fully ripe? For me Babcock peach is the champ. The sweet crunchiness is really a nice combination, and it can have sweet and melting fruit on the tree at the same time! Arctic Star nectarine is pretty good a little early. I expect the sub-acid fruits to be prime candidates for early harvest winners.

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I am partial to blueberries that are not quite ripe, but that is an acquired taste, and it helps to have some birds out in the yard that are competing for the same fruit. For some reason, they leave the raspberries alone, so I get to enjoy these when they are fully ripe.

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Yes, I admit to enjoying an occasional super tart almost ripe blueberry in with the normally ripe ones.

Some apples are better at being a little unripe than others, I assume. I'm not too fond of Pink Lady on the early side. Whereas Fuji appears to be OK, but maybe a little chalky.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

The Anna apple is amazing before and ripe! Before, more acid, but still crisp and sort of sweet.... Perfect for pie! Ripe, you don't want to waste it on pie! Perfectly sweet and crisp.

Here, it's a battle. If it looks ripe tonight, it will be gone in the morning! We do have critters, so I pick them early and make pies! They are MINE, after all............


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Mariposa plums taste good even if they are not fully ripe.

Ulises B.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Bananas...i like them green.

I was under the impression that where you are, you could more or less have ripe citrus year round? Don't they hang for months (navels, valencia, lemons)...?

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True about different apples. I like tart, sub-ripe Galas.

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Italian prune plums- wife likes them about four days less ripe than my favorite, which she calls "over ripe".

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Can you provide a fruiting schedule for your plants? I'm trying to add plants to fill gaps in the fruiting schedule for my backyard orchard and would love to see what plants you're using.

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Not that you asked, but you need to replace that Desert Gold with Flordaprince or Flordaking peaches, which are both delicious, even compared to any season of peach. To me, Desert Gold has almost no flavor, especially compared to both of those.

Carla in Sac

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franktank232, yes year round citrus is very possible here. I would need to plant an early spring to summer variety such as Golden Nugget mandarin to accomplish that. Truth is that once stone fruit starts coming in May, I've had enough with oranges, mandarins and apples.

lawanddisorder, great nickname. I have thought about sharing my spreadsheet on the web, but I no longer have a web space. And I'm not sure of the value to anyone outside of a low-chill area. Until then, I would start with proven performers in your area and then hit the farmers markets and note which fruit you like and when they are available. From there you can piece together some ideas from the DWN harvest schedules and use it as a relative guide. Lastly, you can ask folks here what ripens in your area after such and such is done.

sautesmom, I enjoy your posts here and elsewhere, you are always very thoughtful and helpful. We've had this discussion in the past, Desert Gold is a winner for me here (either that or my tree was tagged incorrectly). I have a few regional favorites that folks on this board seem to scoff at. Desert Gold peach, Washington navel orange, Babcock peach, Burgundy plum, Black Jack fig, and Wonderful pomegranate are winners here. I won't be talked out of any of these. ;)

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I have always liked mulberries even before they turn purple.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

We risk our lives traversing slippery decomposed granite on a rocky hill to get to our half ripe Anna Apples! OMG! They are amazing. Beating them to the critters is a trick, but they taste wonderful half ripe! Crisp, sweet/tart! Perfect! My 4th of July pie was a hit. I'll be doing Apple Cobbler next, but hard to resist them fresh!


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Loganberries are good before they're fully ripe. They're a little tart, but everyone around here really likes 'em.

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mrclint: Just get an 'organic' fridge to keep your freshly picked, ripe fruit....fresh and ripe longer.......

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copingwithclay, I'm don't know what an organic 'fridge is. Pink Lady apples do store well in the refrigerator, but most everything else that I grow is better right off the tree, even if a little early or late. That's why I put together a plan that calls for fresh fruit off the tree. That's what I like and what I want. Are there particular fruits that you like out of the 'fridge?

desertdance, I love a good apple when there isn't any stone fruit to be had. But if it's free, and you are willing to risk life and limb, they must really be good. :)

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