What is this plum tree doing? Tree doctor needed

olympia_gardener(5)June 20, 2012

I have this big 3-1 Japanese plum bare root tree from Raintree. I planted it at least 6 weeks ago... I really lost track of when exactly I planted it, later April, eraly May , or maybe even earlier. It just sits there doing nothing! Is it suppoded to have leaves grow out considering the weather is warm enough herein 90 degrees? Is it alive or dead? Or slow dying? Anyone can explain what is going on and advise what should I do to this tree?

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The presence of green branches suggests it's not dead. Yet.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

It is having transplant shock, cross your fingers it gets over it.


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Thanks guys. key word is " yet" and cross the "fingers" .

This is a replacement tree. The original tree died about same way last year, slowly getting more and more brown branches , then finally all dead. I planted it in different spot thought where first tree died is unlucky spot. But this tree is way big than the original one. Original tree had pencile thin sticks. This one has over 1" trunk and all well branches out. The tree itself is much taller too. I had big hope when this tree arrived and thinking it is s big strong looking tree . It has to make it. I hate to go back to the nursary asking for another tree for this one is not complete dead yet, but how long I have to wait till it recovers from the transplant shock? I hate miss another growing season.

I have a Santa Rose grows like nothing can kill it. and this one acts nothing can make it grow! Just in gerenal, how easy to grow a japanese plum?

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