What to do with strawberries plants after harvest?

irpingoldJune 2, 2009

What should be done with strawberries in the Fall after they are done producing berries?

Should they be cut down? Last year, I just left them to winter, and they did fine. But, it was a real hassle in the Spring cleaning the old foliage out from in between the new leaves.

I didn't mulch the plants, so I think perhaps the old plant provided a natural "mulch" and warmth for the winter. So, if I cut them down in the Fall, what do I put on top of them for the winter?

Would compost work? And, whatever mulch is put on top, do I have to remove it in the Spring?

Thanks much!

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If you google your questions you will find a lot of advice online. Briefly, if your bed is in its second year, after harvest you should renovate ( meaning to mow it short without cutting the crown then rototilling it into rows). This will boost yields in following years. As far as mulch a few inches of straw works great, just wait until dormancy (late November early December) to apply. Please do some research online there is alot of good info out there that will help you.

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mustardseed(CA east bay)

Disclaimer: I've just started growing strawberries as of a couple years ago, so am by no means an authority on experience. But if labor is no problem and production and neatness and preventing disease and nasty color of leaves are the main goals, replanting every year is the way to go, at least according to the experienced farmer I asked.

It is true that there is alot about alot on the net, and sure check out what is on various google searches (though gardenweb is part of the internet, no?) though I personally enjoy hearing personal experiences from people, etc.

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