Raspberry and Blackberry pruning.

CaraRoseJune 21, 2013

I didn't really prune anything last year, other than removing the canes that had fruited on my blackberries, I supported the new canes on my wire trellis. They're doing fine, but I'm pretty sure I'm not pruning correctly.. reading about tipping and ect.

So blackberries, I have two chesters and a triple crown-- Pruning the new canes-- Should I tip them once they get to a certain height? Should I also top the lateral canes or let them keep going?

Black raspberries-- My jewel barely grew at all last year. This year it's gone bonkers. Should I treat it like the blackberries?

Anne Raspberries-- Should I be mowing these, or letting them double crop?

I have a couple different kinds of reds--

Unknown--been-in-the-garden-since-I-was-a-kid- red raspberry. I'm thinking these I'll just leave alone. That's what we always did and they fruited well. They usually produce fruit in July, never noticed them fall cropping, but they also were in part shade spots in the yard most of the time.

Heritage Raspberry-- I just have one. This thing is also exploding this year with new growth. I have no idea if this is a fall or everbearer, actually. I should probably do research :/

Latham Red- Bareroot last year, not happy this year but producing. Again, not sure how to prune it. It's a floricane bearer, isn't it? So just remove fruited canes?

Brandywine- This thing is a twig, thought it died last year but it put up some leaves this year. Don't think I need to worry about it yet. Will see if it actually survives another winter first.


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On backberries the reason for tipping is to get new shoots that are fruit bearing, as well as some size control. I start tipping at about 36" tall, although a tipped cane will still grow taller from the ground (on mine anyway). I do tip the off shoots when they get long, probably at 24". I'm less vigilant on those. On 2nd year canes I prune back anything excessively long before they bud out in the spring.

I posted my experience on raspberries on another post last night. so you can look for that.

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