Mix immunox with Triazicide?

oldryderJune 4, 2014

Late and rainy spring prevented me from doing my usual pre-bloom immunox spray on apples and plums.

Pre-bloom immunox plus 2x triazicide after bloom has been very effective for me the last couple of years.

Wondering if I can (and should) add the immunox to the 1st triazicide spray?

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I believe Harvestman has said to do that and I have for the second year.

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I've never sprayed Immunox before bloom.

I mix it with Triazicide and do my first spray after petal and once more 14 days after. I spray all my fruit trees that are listed on Immunox label.

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I have been using the combo for 6 years but also add a 'sprayer sticker'. Works like a charm.

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