Concord leaves ID

tigrikt(6B)June 25, 2013

My Concord grapes (4 y.o) have some problems with new leaves. Can you help with ID?

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One more pic

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That is a nasty weed. I pull it out of my 20-30' arborvitae every summer.

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That's the grapevine itself. The leaves are not normal. Not sure what happening: mites, virus, too hot, too wet...

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I grow Concord grapes and the leaves are huge, deeply lobed and pointed at the ends. Is there enough sun? Is the vine all green, and very skinny?

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Enough sun, the vine is strong. Old leaves are good, these ones at the end of the shoots, fairly new, they are down low though, as the canes started to reach soil. Started to see them like that tonight.
Plenty of grape bunches at the top. Bigger than peas. They started to bloom on 6/1.
We were spraying Mancozeb and Immunox and Spinosad because of rains. The grapevine was looking great and happy.
We have other cultivars, some also started to reach soil but leaves are fine on them.

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I am so sorry I cannot help you and I have never seen this before. I'm sure other people here grow grapes and have far better information than I. I really do have a weed that looks just like your vine (sorry for that). I too spray immunox for the prevention of powdery mildrew. Why don't you google grape diseases? OR deformed grape leaves?

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Googling the whole day, nothing similar yet

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nickl(Z7a NJ)

Have you had your soil tested recently? The brown leaf margins and the misshapen leaves point to some kind of environmental issue (potassium deficiency?? salinity imbalances?? weed killer?? - all possibilities ). A soil test is a good idea in any case.

Bring a leaf sample into your Rutgers extension (call for hours). Every county in NJ has one. They may be able to give a preliminary diagnosis of the problem from the appearance of the leaves and recommend what you should do next

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Thx. Called Rutgers, will take leaves there tom.
Initially, I thought it was a herbicide injury...

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I had some issues with grapes in the past where the leaves were deformed and it turned out to be salinity issues with the soil. I had added some sheep manure that I think raised the salinity significantly. At first all my grapes had problems, but its been a couple years now and some are still stunted and deformed, but others have recovered and are growing well. I think some varieties are just more sensitive than others. Not sure thats your issue, but it was mine. I can post some pictures maybe when I get home of my grapes that still arent happy.

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It seems I found one explanation that could fit my leaves deformities
"... If the leaves were just coming out and expanding and if there was suddenly a very hot wind OR it got hot quickly and the grapes were tender enough to get some damage to the leaf edges then this would explain the cupping. The leaf edge would dry out from high temperatures or a hot wind and dessicate or dry out. The damaged leaf edge would not be able to grow or grow slowly. The rest of the leaf would be unaffected and would expand or grow. The growth of the center of the leaf while the leaf edge remained unable to grow or grow as fast would begin to cup. The cupping would be worse as it grew more. And of course this would happen only to young leaves which are still growing or expanding. "
The cupping on my leaves is not very strong right now, more like tendency. We had a few hot days with strong winds lately.

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