Blueberry fertilizer - organic?

dgreenhouse2014June 13, 2014

Im wondering if my blueberry highbushes (planted last year) need some kind of fertilizer. See the picture, some of the leaves seem to be yellowing with visible veins. is that normal??

thanks to all suggestions

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I'd say that's more likely a high pH issue than lack of nitrogen. Your plant looks good and has a nice crop of large berries. So I won't be too concerned.

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Agricultural sulfur, scattered around the shrub, over the soil, but under the mulch, will help lower pH, and the leaves should green up, eventually. Sulfur is approved as a soil amendment by Congress, in the Organic Foods Act, which was passed around 1990. So, in that legal sense, sulfur is "organic." However, no one who has studied chemistry, and managed to stay awake during the morning lectures, would ever describe sulfur as an organic chemical. There is no carbon in the formula. To be successful with blueberry shrubs, most of us are having to check soil pH, and also water pH. Rainwater is generally acidic, but water from a well could be alkaline, and this will eventually raise soil pH, if it is used to water the blueberry shrubs.

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