what type of grape

michelleml28June 24, 2012

We recently purchased a ranch and found it has about 12 grapevines. Im not sure what type they are if anyone could help it would be appreciated. They are not on a trellis so i need to know if i could still build one for them or should i just leave them alone

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Sample the grapes this summer. If they suit your needs you can build a trellis this winter. Cut them back as much as needed to get the vines up on the trellis. They may need cutting back nearly to the ground. If so train the resulting strong shoots up the trellis. You can have grapes on the trellis next year if you can save some of this years growth to fruit next year. If you must remove all of this years growth you can still have grapes in 2014.

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