Dried up Blueberries? What happened?

Schlemoc(5)June 15, 2012

I have a variety of blueberry bushes at the new house and many are producing a large quantity, but there are some that are entirely dry like the photo below. Any ideas as to why?

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Google up info on 'mummy berry disease of blueberries'.

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I just read up on it. Makes perfect sense given what is showing on all my bushes. There is no mulch around them, but once I get the house liveable, sometime next year the yard will be my focus. I'll be sure to get some heavy duty mulch and saw dust down to minimize them. Thanks for the help!

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Check out Blueberry Botrytis Blossom Blight in google. I had some on my SHB from all the rain we recieved in the spring. Cool wet springs are the culprit.

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Blueboy may be right about this one.....

I live on the east side of Washington which is typically dry. However, area growers had quite a bit of botrytis this spring and for the first time ever had to spray a fungicide to deal with it. Apparently it is very common on the west side of Oregon/Washington because of all the rain so they often have to spray several times each spring to deal with it.

When you water, make sure you water at the base of the plant.......don't use an overhead sprinkler.


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I'll have to take a look at the two to determine which it is. Either way, there is no mulch around any of my bushes/trees. I have some serious mulching ahead of me, once I get the house habitable.

How far apart should I keep the blueberry bushes? There are gaps where I think I can put another one.

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There's always space for another one LOL.It really depends on the mature size of the plant.Some stay under two feet,while others can get over eight.
Probably three to five feet apart,unless making a hedge,then possibly two to three. Brady

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I was considering making a hedge. What do you suggest using to keep the grass down around the bushes? I weedwhacked around them the other day, but there is still some very high grass within the structures growing up. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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