Can I move this Peach Tree? or Espalier it?

Schlemoc(5)June 15, 2012


This peach tree is right on the side of the garage, but it's producing peaches. I was wondering if I could either transplant it, or try to find some way to make it part of the corner of the garage. I read some stuff on espalier fruit tree designs. Is it too mature to do something similar to that? How safe would it be to move the tree in the fall? I appreciate it!

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I'd buy a new tree and cut that one out of there. It looks huge. You'd need to prune it way back and then dig it when dormant. That trees is going to have a good sized rootball. If you keep it, it needs to be chopped back hard...unless you want to pick peaches from the top of your roof :) Peaches fruit on 1 year wood, so all that old wood will not be production, so the tree will grow new wood (this years growth) to produce peaches next year...just keeps getting taller and wider...longer and longer branches.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

It would be difficult to move a tree that size especially that close to a building. Being close to the building will make it difficult to dig out a decent rootball. If I didn't want it there I'd plant another and after it's producing cut this one down.

It's not too big to retrain to an espalier. Cut it back severely next winter and start training.

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Thank you! I was thinking that it would be too difficult to move, but I was not certain. There is another copse of peach trees that are not producing peaches in the lower section of the yard. I was thinking of grafting other varieties on their branches to get them producing. I plan on trimming all of the trees back this fall since they have not been touched for at least 3 years.

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