What is eating my grapes

pittsfordnygardenerJune 4, 2013

I have found over the years something is eating my grapes before they reach a couple millimeters. See the attach photos. I always thought it was birds. And this year I have covered with netting. But it seems something is still getting to them. So I have started to spray with Ortho Bug-Be-Gone. Does anyone have other recommendations?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Most likely the lost/fallen grapes weren't pollinated. Happens w/ adverse weather at flowering.

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I have to agree with the nonpollination. Look onthe ground for the missing grapes.

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Oh - that is interesting. Don't know much about growing grapes. Would have thought pollination occurs BEFORE the grapes appear; not after.

So by putting up nets and spraying could I be making the matter worse by making it more difficult for bugs/bees to assist in the pollination effort?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Grapes are self pollinating via wind. No need for bees.

I think I know what's happening. As the grape cluster expands there are first little buds that look like grapes. But that's not the grape, it's the flower. That flower opens and all those little pistols or stamens, whatever they are, appear. Then after a few days the stamens fall off and the grape expands.

So in your picture above there are no "grapes". Just grape flowers before and after flowering. The grapes will form in about a week.

Most of the grapes don't set. If they did the cluster would be way too compact. Have you gotten good bunches in the past or not?

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Ahhh - Learn something new every day! I actually thought those were the grapes.

Yeah - I have had pretty decent bunches in the past. And I have seen actual grapes. But also in the past I believe that birds have gotten to them. Hence it is why I have put the netting around them. Is it common that birds will get to your grapes?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Down here birds eat 100% before they are really ripe. Keep the bird netting.

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