Grapes getting black spots (with pics)

andy_levineJune 28, 2009

We inherited 4 grape vines when we purchased our home last summer. They have not been cared for in a couple of years and we thought we would give it a go and see if we could retrain them.

We got a lot of fruit started on 2 of the vines and had thought they were doing well. When I went to look at them today the grapes have started developing little black spots on them: From Grape problems From Grape problems

I did some searching on the web and was wondering if this is anthracnose or Bird's Eye? If so, what can I do about it, if not for this years crop for next year? If it isn't, can someone please help identify what the problem is?



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I can't really see the lesions very well, but I'm guessing its black rot. I also have seen this on some of my grapes, and thought it was anthracnose at first. If the berries turn completely brown, then shrivel up to black mummies, it is likely black rot. Be sure and remove and dispose all the mummies before winter (this may not help much if you have lots of wild grapes around you). There is nothing you can do this year other than remove infected berries, but you will probably need to start spraying them in the future.

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billv(z6 WVA)

Esentially agree with K-nut; it's black rot or spot or whatever and you are pretty much toast this year - although I never actually tried "remediation" so much as "prevention". With respect to the latter, I have had good success with fungicide (I have used Mancozeb but there are others) application EARLY, which means beginning when you see about 1/4" of new green growth, and every 10-14 days thereafter until the withdrawal period.

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