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bruce2288June 12, 2012

Stark bros has 20% early order discount, so I called to ask about rootstock used. For apples, dwarf M9 or M26 semi dwarf M7 or Bud118. The semi dwarf still has me scratching my head. There is quite a bit of difference in M7 vs B118. You can not request one or the other, in fact they will not know which one you get. It will just be semi-dwarf. I was told commercial orders are filled with particular rootstock after that trees are dug and thown into a communal bin, so what you get you get. It does seem like it would be that tough to segregate trees by rootstock, but the majority of their customers must not care.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The majority of their retail customers don't know or really care whether it's one or the other. They certainly keep their different cultivars and rootstocks seperate. They just want to be able to sell you either one depending on what they have. They can't treat commercial growers that way.

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I had the same issue when I called them about a cortland apple. M7 or Bud 118 were what they had them on the year I called. However, the lady I discussed this with mentioned I would have no choice on what rootstock was sent

I wanted M7 not Bud 118 so I purchased elsewhere. I did buy some trees on the so called early order discount. I ordered in Fall for spring delivery. They goofed and sent me the trees in December! When I called they said to send them back. At the post office, I was charged $15 to ship back so decided to hold them in the garden until spring.
I ended up putting chicken wire around them to keep the rabbits out. A lot of extra work for me. I won't buy again unless I cannot get it elsewhere.

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Won't buy from Stark anymore because of this.

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