Growing raspberries and boysenberries together

boldcolors(Zone 5 Ut)June 17, 2013

I've spent several hours (on again and off again) on the internet over the last year trying to find an answer to this question. Can raspberries and boysenberries be grown next to each other in my yard? One person has told me that they need to be separated by 100 ft. I'd really appreciate any information or experience you might have.

Thanks, Boldcolors

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I have raspberries within 50 feet of my Boysenberries. They will still produce. Just make sure you have at least a few boysenberries together for pollination.

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I believe the "100ft" limitation was from past concerns about disease transmission between plant varieties, especially black raspberries. There is a certain risk of that occurring, but not something I would be concerned about. Probably the main concern is with the raspberry plants being overly invasive and overtaking your boysenberries.

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You shouldn't have any problems. I wouldn't be worried about it. As a general rule it's the black raspberries that are supposed to stay away from all the other brambles, but lots of us still grow them close by.

The main concern you'll have is simply just keeping the berries where you put them (especially the raspberries).

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U-pick fields out here have several kinds of caneberries in the same acreage, and a row of one type is next to a row of another type, about 8 feet distant.

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boldcolors(Zone 5 Ut)

Oh!!!Thank you! Thank you! Just the info I needed! Now this info gives me some new ideas to spin around in my head.


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My boysens are 5 feet from my raspberries, both thriving.


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They will each spread enormously, over the years, so you will end up with them growing all mixed together. This might be a slight hassle for pruning and stuff, but not much of one.

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species will cross. Genus will cross very rarely. I don't raise boysenberries so not sure what their genus is but if you look it up, that would help answer your question. If they're different genus, no worries.

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The raspberries are more likely to invade the Boysens, but that is easy to control. It is better to plant them in separate rows, or as half-row each of a single row, rather than rasp then Boysen every other plant in a row, for example.

All original berry plantings will produce fruit that remains true to variety, year after year. The above posting describes what would happen if seedling plants were allowed to mature, but these can be pulled as easily as weeds.

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