Caught blue-beaked, its the blueberry thief!

pitcom(7a)June 18, 2012

The birds have been going bonkers trying to get through all of the netting to all of my berries. This gray catbird is a pure genius and has found his way in several times. This years sweetest early blueberry award goes to my new Northland and Spartan bushes, the berries are amazing. The patriot's came in a close third, but there is just something about the wild flavor of Northland that makes it tops.

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I caught a couple robins in the strawberry net last year. Did you parole your perp?

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

Blueberry/Catbird pie is good this time of year

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Yes yes, the bird made bail. He got a stern warning, and I have not seen him back....yet.

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Oh yes.........catbirds and blueberries. Robins work the lower ones near the ground. I have black raspberries on now and ripping. Not a lot of activity from birds, but a racoon has been checking out the periphery of the house a lot at night, and his scat is purple and solid seeds. I guess I know who is sharing that crop with me. Love your picture. There is no way he could chirp his way out of that one.

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Top bluebery thieves for me in northern MN (In order):
1. Catbird
2. Brown Thrashers
3. Robin

None of them seem to bother the raspberries unless some have fallen to the ground. Then they will take them.

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The catbird is not my main problem. It's actually a small group of white-breasted nuthatches that are in the area. I caught two of those as well, but i did not have my camera on me to take a shot. Although I have plenty of berries yet to ripen as i have a lot of mid and late season varieties, so I am sure I will catch another. The robins have been congregating around the nets but they have not found a way in yet. I have a few dozen bunches of grapes and a plethora of blackberries right now. Those are my next netting projects.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I have a catbird stuck under my blueberry net right now. Not sure how he got in and I can't get him to fly out. Its keeping my cat highly entertained. Along with the blueberries they are loving my black raspberries and currants.


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I'd think that the shrieks of a trapped bird might be effective to discourage other potential perpetrators.

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Lol, now I know the name of the bird that was getting my strawberries! I had a pair of them that would hop on in to the garden, while I was working in it, and go to town on my strawberries.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I opened up the net tonight and the guy finally flew out. A robin was less lucky, he got stuck in the net and died. I am using a twisted nylon netting which has been better than the cheap plastic grid stuff for not getting birds stuck. Unfortunately it is heavy and I need to hang it over poles to keep the bush tops from collapsing too much.


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Well, I caught another burglar. Too funny. I've seen more birds this year than any other. This morning there were about 20 birds all sitting around the perimeter of the nets.

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That looks like this year's baby robin...........

I hate it when birds eat my blueberries but at the same time I can't really blame them. Eating a berry to them is as natural as taking a breath to us.


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