Raspberry questions

donnamarienjJune 28, 2013

I received a raspberry plant that someone didnâÂÂt want any more. It was in a very small planter (think childâÂÂs sand pail). The person knew nothing about the plant. I potted it up into a container about three sizes larger, and waited. It is growing extremely quickly and has numerous flowers. At this point I see no fruit (it has only been two months). Without knowing the name or age of this plant, how will I know when to expect fruit? Can I expect fruit this season or do I have to wait several years? BTW, this is a thornless variety and I have to wonder why this person was giving the plant away. Maybe it just never produced fruit. Either way, how long should I give the plant before making a decision as to whether I want to keep it? Thanks in advance. Donna

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If it's a thornless plant and it has flowers on the primocanes (stalks that came up from the dirt this growing season), it's probably a Joan J raspberry.

If it's a Joan J, you'll get fruit this fall on this year's growth, and then in the spring again on the same canes. It'll repeat the process next year by sending up new primocanes that will fruit next year in the fall and then the following spring after that.

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Thank you for the name. I have no idea what a primocane looks like and I'll have to watch it carefully to see if I can spot one. However, looking up the name on google, I read that Joan J is not the best raspberry and is best known for its shipping attributes. I'll give it until next year to see if it is worth keeping. There must be a reason the other person didn't want the plant. I had planned to put it in a barrel in 2014, but I might just hold off on that. It is sad, because it is growing extremely well and looks very pretty.

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