Summer pruning Golden Russet

MichaelJune 19, 2013

Being a tip bearer, I'm uncertain how to approach summer pruning this tree. The tree produces some on 2nd year wood but mostly on the apical buds of 1 yo wood and several buds down from the apical bud of those shoots. Most all of the 1 yo shoots are very thin, it's hard to imagine them supporting the load of a fruit here in the KS wind storms. Can't blame low light on the thin shoots, there's plenty of light.

In my next life, I'll plant 4 trees of each 3 varieties instead of 8 trees of all different varieties in order to keep the learning curve lower and allow for trying different techniques on different trees of the same variety to learn from. Maybe I'd end up with 3 great trees instead of what I have.

think I might put them all on Bud9 too. The one I have is a breeze to manage and precocious.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


My apples on M9 and M26 basically go totally unpruned. Height is about 8ft after 9 years. The shoots are really thick but that doesn't hurt a thing with our high light and low humidity. Yes, in good years I have to thin a lot. But this year with 24F May 3 the only fruit is on the very bottom of the trees where the canopy afforded some protection. Next year I'll have a big thinning job unless it freezes again. So my advice is don't prune unless you need to.

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alan haigh

Golden Russet on a free standing rootstock is a crazy growing tree that after quite a few years I'm starting to get a decent handle on. Can't claim to be a quick study on this one.

I think you may be dwelling too much on its tip bearing aspect. As long as the scaffolds are not oversized diameter-wise and as long as the tree is reasonably open it will teach you how to prune it if you don't stub cut wood.

When I prune apples I really don't think much about whether they are tip-bearers. Once they begin to bear it is easy to see how and where they do and you can make adjustments then.

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