Strawberry Bed rejuvenation?

jimla(Z6 PA)June 7, 2012

This is the 3rd year and second picking season for my 3x12 raised bed Honeoye berries. We enjoyed them last year and wanted more this year so I let all the daughter plants overgrow the raised bed and root and spred in the surrounding paths. I pulled the daughters after picking to clear the paths and healed the pulled plants and roots in compost until I can transplant them. Since many of the daughters over grew the bed, will the plants still in the bed produce next year or should I pull or thin some and transplant the daughters in the original bed?

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The older plants will produce, but the younger ones will probably be healthier and more vigorous. At least, that seems to be the common wisdom.

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night_scented_stock(S England)

All my strawberry plants, old and new, are producing fruit
but they get eaten by wood-lice which burrow into them. Any organic tips for deterring wood-lice ?

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