In need of help diagnosing young blackberries

SaralectricJune 12, 2014

I am new to gardening, but am super excited to have some real veggies growing and thriving right now!
I live in a townhouse, and since I rent, I wanted to buy berries that I could keep in pots and take with me when I buy a home.

I ordered 2 young blackberries online. The plants were tiny, only about 4 inches tall or so. I have transplanted them into pots and they seem to have been growing for the past few weeks. However...

Each plant looks unhealthy. I have them in full sun, and I have been keeping the soil watered. But pretty much every leaf on each plant looks bad. Some are red, some are curled, some are speckled, and some are brown around the edges. I'm wondering if there's something I can do to save them, or if I just bought bad plants.

I can't find any description on the internet of blackberry plants with this type of problem, and I can't even find any images of leaves that look similar.

Please offer any information or opinions you have!! I really want to have a head start on some good berry plants for our future home.

Thank you!

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Couldn't figure out how to post 2 photos. Here's the second plant.


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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Water less if water every day that's to much for blackberries water every 3 days at most. In ground when dry water once a week root like some dry time before next watering.

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