Caroline raspberry vivus?

MichaelJune 19, 2013

Seems my Caroline's may have contracted a virus for the 1st time but I am not certain having never dealt with one before. Some of the lowest leaves have very dark yellow veins, the interveinal areas are colored normally as is the rest of the plant. No curling, stunting or anything abnormal occurring.....yet. Any ideas what's causing the veins to look like that? I can post a pic if needed.

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A pic would be very helpful.

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Here's a pic., I hope:

Here is a link that might be useful: Leaf pic.

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Humph. Interesting leaf. Have you considered having the soil tested? Could be iron deficiency. However, I'm no expert. Let's see what some more experienced folk say.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

It is close to a picture on the site below for raspberry bushy dwarf virus (scroll down a ways), but I have never seen RBDV looking so symmetric as on your leaf. Viruses tend to be splotchy things.

Is it on a lot of plants or local? Viruses start out local and spread; soil problems are often on a larger chunk all at once. I don't think its iron deficiency, iron does the opposite coloring. My best guess would be some non-iron soil issue and second guess would be RBDV.


Here is a link that might be useful: RBDV

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I am familiar with the symptoms of iron chlorosis in blueberry shrubs, and I can tell you that the appearance of the raspberry leaf that you posted is NOT iron chlorosis. In blueberries, the vein will be deep green, and the leaf will be pale green or yellow between the veins. That is exactly the opposite of the photo above.

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Thanks Scott, that site's pic is very similar to the few ( less than 10) leaves in my 28' long bed. All leaves with that look are down low in at least the bottom 1/4 off the shoots if not lower. The bed has been in for 4 years now so it's interesting that the virus is showing up now. Maybe some vector brought it in. Haven't seen any piercing/sucking insects around like leaf hoppers that would be a candidate for being a disease vector. The Royalty row 3' away to the side has none of this symptom.......yet.

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You are correct Eric, even with the calcareous soil I never considered Fe chlorosis as a possibility.

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