Plum/Pear shot hole & leaf curl

lanb2June 23, 2012


I have a couple of plum (yellow, red) trees and Asian pear trees.

Since last year, the leaves on these trees have started

having little brown holes and the flowers bloom but just

brown out and wither.

This season I sprayed "spectracide fungicide" containing myclobutanil on them when the leaves/blooms set. While this

helped a bit, the flowers mostly withered away and the leaves died too.

Now, some pear leaves are starting to curl as well.

I just switched to "all purpose fruit tree spray" containing

neem oil and pyrethrin.

Here are some pics

Is my diagnosis & remedies correct ?

This is in the wet pacific northwest. Thanks !

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Shot hole is usually bacterial spot which is a bacterial disease that few sprays work well on. Myclobutanil is a good spray for many things, but not for shot-hole. Re: the all purpose fruit spray, nothing in there really helps against anything. The best spray for shot-hole is copper at leaf fall and again in spring just before leaf-out.

Your curling pear leaves I can't tell for sure what is happening. That is often caused by aphids so I would look for aphids in the curled-up bits. Your all-purpose spray may actually work on that, aphids is one of the few things such a spray will be good for. There are several other causes of pear leaf curling besides aphids.


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I had read some where that shot hole could also be due to fungus and given the wet weather we have here, I thought
that would be the most likely cause.

I can give copper a shot at leaf fall since it is too late now.

I did not see any insects on the curled pear leaves. For now,
I have just removed & disposed the ones that looked real bad.

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