Blueberry payoff

riverman1June 23, 2012

See honey, that thousand dollars I invested in blueberry plants, ph meters, peat, more peat, ammonium sulfate, and pine bark all paid off!!!

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Bro?! Be careful what you post...
If my wife ever got wind of this I'd be in Deep. You've actually accumulated enough for muffins. Ha!
How about that fishin' boat honey?

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The boat is another topic entirely........when I manage to catch a salmon my wife always says, "oh, another $300 a pound salmon".

You know what BOAT stands for right? Break Out Another Thousand!


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Ha! At least you got a few berries. My blueberries died last year and I re-planted this year. Never say die! I get to retire in three years and it looks like my hobby of planting fruits and nuts will keep me busy, if anything I have planted so far survives until then.


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howelbama(7 NJ)

Lmfao, at least they look tasty :)

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Ok, It's way better than that. Folks, as well as the end result, it's always the process that is so much fun. Now that I have drip irrigation, keeping up with their h2o needs is a lot easier. The granualated sulfur is doing it's thing, and I'm figuring out where my sweet spots are. Previous burn piles. I sulfur the hell out of them and give them some ammonium sulfate/kelp/and mollasses and water it in
I'll be eating for a while. The Blue Jays are the sweetest. Dukes are sort of bland. Bluecrop is still a lil tart, Draper is very different, almost perfumey. Mmm. My Elliotts will be ready soon by the looks of it. September berry in July? I'm spotting some marks on my green berries and see a little maggots. I guess I could spray w/BT, but I'm just resorting to visuals for now. I only have 300 plants, so as I munch I watch.

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Fine job RM!!! There will be more where that came from!

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Ouch! I hope your joking about the cost. I live on the cape and we have pretty good soil for blues. I just water and fertilize and the crops are great this year. Around hear it's lobster pots. After the license, traps, gas and bait it's a pretty expensive lobster.

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So how many bushes does it take to get, say, a quart or two a week at the height of the season?

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

You should be able to with one easily. You should max at 8-10 Qts+ @ (1.5lbs per qt?)Jersey yields less.
Duke-Bluecrop-Legacy-Elliott spaces your yields so you can eat for 3 months+

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I would like to produce enough to be able to eat a cup or so a day most of the year. Last year I picked about 40 pounds from a local grower and it lasted several months.


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I've got a half-dozen 12-15 yr old rabbiteyes - have been picking a couple of gallons of berries every day for the past week - and can hardly tell that I've picked. Beginning to feel like my dad, who said he started having dreams(nightmares) about picking blueberries.
Over the past 2-3 years, I've planted another 25-30 young rabbiteye and Southern highbush plants. And, my last kid will be leaving for college this fall. May or may not have been the brightest idea - but it oughta keep me out of trouble, at least during berry season.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I had a sunflower growing close to my Chandler...i pulled it out...a week later and the Chandler is dead... I probably should have not done that.

Blueberries are great and freeze well..but they do get sickening...we've picked maybe a gallon of them from 10 plants (of various ages).. Northland is still my favorite.

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The real satisfaction happens when you move them out of that unprepared plot where all the plants were yellow on the way out, and do the research on how to do it right, execute, replant and the plants are exploding with new growth and berries. It is very satisfying to take a plant that's dying where everything else grows well, give it what it really needs, then sit back and watch it not just survive, but THRIVE. All the while enjoying your favorite berries.

That's what it's all about! You've defeated the blueberry curse!

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