Growing a blackberry bush from a single sapling

dirtaddshpJune 26, 2013

Hello all,

My friend has a large blackberry bush with multible saplings coming out about a foot away from the main plant.

My friend told me that i will not get any blackberries if i plant a single sapling. she stated i need at least 2-3 before they will go from veg to flower.

is this some myth or truth?

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I guess by "sapling" you mean "cane".

I defy anyone to prevent a blackberry from doing what most plants are programmed to do: make seed. One cane with a good root system or even a rooted tip will produce a fully-functioning plant.

It's true you will not get fruit from a first-year cane (unless it's one of the newer varieties), but that doesn't mean you won't grow a plant that will ultimately produce berries.

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If you want your own patch, dig up one of those suckers, plant it, mulch it, and water it. It's that simple.

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okay thanks for the feedback.

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Literally gave my friend at work one 12" tip rooted cane and he now has 3 new canes coming up . It will definitely produce a full bush.

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