Spray for canker on apricot

mrsg47(7)June 13, 2012

In two crotches of my apricot tree I have amber oozing sap. It is a very small amount but it is there. I have followed my spray schedule to a tee and just noticed yesterday the small ooze while spraying triaz. and captan. Looks like canker. Is there a spray to get rid of it and make the ooze stop. I'd hate to have to cut off a limb as it would leave my tree with a 'V' shaped trunk. Mrs. G

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Not that I know of. Mine ooze too...i just let them be. For what I know the only thing you can use for canker is copper and even that has limited effect. I suppose you could prune it out?

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Frank I wish I could prune out the two spots that are oozing on the apricot, but they are oozing from the 'collars' that are smack in the middle of the 'V's of both the two main branches from the trunk and one smaller branch has ooze out of its V. If I prune I might really create havoc with the tree as I will lose one small but strong branch. If I prune out the larger ooze I'll lose half the tree. Also I just sprayed yesterday. All the sprays dried for six hours before the rain started last night. I hope I don't have to 're-spray' tomorrow. I sprayed with Copper last Feb. Its always something isn't it?

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carolync1(z8/9 CA inland)

I was given a free Blenheim apricot by a nursery because it had very serious lesions on the trunk, identified by them as brown rot. Copper took care of it.

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Can I spray copper now? Many thanks all, Mrs. G

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