Opinions on Blueberry Liner

shazaam(NC 7B)June 6, 2013

I received a poorly packaged order from a nursery yesterday, and I'd appreciate opinions on the overall health and condition of the blueberry liner pictured below. As you can see, the roots are largely exposed because a significant portion of the potting soil fell off during shipping (the root ball wasn't wrapped or protected in any way). It looks like it started the journey in less than prime health, and then it spent two days with exposed roots in a cardboard box in temps in the upper 80s, all the while being battered by gallon pots that were also loose in the box. Given the complete lack of packaging, I'm surprised it's still in one piece. How would you respond if this were your plant? Would you demand a replacement, or would you shrug your shoulders, plant it, and expect it be fine?

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mes111(5b -Purling NY & 7b -Nassau County NY)


I have received plants that looked much worse and they made it fine. And... you'd be surprised how fast they take off and by next season there will be no evidence of the poor handling. CHEER UP

Not to excuse bad handling by the shipper but there is a trade-off ( price and availability) for buying online.


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shazaam(NC 7B)

Thanks for your input, Mike. I got a little worked up over the poor packaging and, now that I've cooled off a bit, I'm trying to decide how to handle the matter when someone from the nursery finally gets around to calling me back. They shorted me several plants, so I definitely want to get that resolved. At the same time, I want to be sure my expectations are/were realistic with regard to the plants that I've already received. Maybe I'm lucky, but, up to this point, I haven't felt that were was a trade off for buying online. In fact, the plants that I've bought online have consistently been carefully packaged and of superior quality to what's available locally.

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