Fuzzy Kiwis Running up a Pergola

charlieboringJune 19, 2013

I am about to complete a pergola over a part of my patio shown in the picture. I am in N. VA, Zone 7. I purchased two female (Saanichton) and one male that I plan on planting near three of the pergola posts and allowing them to run up decorative chains to the top of the pergola. I have them transplanted into pots now waiting for completion of the pergola, but they are almost eight feet tall and I need to plant them into their final home soon. Any advice?

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I'd plant the females on opposite corners, and with the best light and soil if there are any differences.

The male needs to do just well enough to make some flowers, you don't want it to take its full share of the space. The females will have the most room to grow and fruit this way.

I would probably have gone for 2 different varieties of female for the variation, but maybe you are going for efficiency.

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You don't have to wait for pergola to go up, plant them a couple of feet away from where the posts will be going. I would put them in a raised box and have a chain run from the box to the top of the post.

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