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NEFLgardenerJune 18, 2013

Here in North Florida, I planted two apple trees probably about 2-3 months ago. One is a Dorsett Golden and the other an Anna.

The Dorsett seems to be thriving, while the Anna is struggling. See picture taken at lunch today (Anna in background).

I have given a little fertilizer (10-10-10), some water when we haven't had rain in a week or so. I staked it when first planted, had taken stake out for past few weeks only to restake it. Some leaves almost look like they have been eaten,

Any thoughts as to why the Anna is not thriving as well? Thanks

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My thought: perhaps your soil is a bit different from tree to tree. Verify that water is getting down to the rootzone of that Anna. Dig, probe, and get a bit aggressive without doing too much damage to the roots. You may find it is dry down there.

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Or too wet. I have a plum that almost died, discovered it was in a poor-draining spot.

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