Grape leaf disease

kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)June 7, 2013

(This is a crosspost from the Garden Clinic in case I can't get an answer there.)

I live in the Pacific NW where we have rainy springs. I have 4 mature grape vines, all of different cultivars, and they grow together on a large grape arbor. I noticed that one of the vines - only one -- has a weird problem with the leaves. The leaves look normal on top and have normal color, except many of them have large raised bumps. When you turn these leaves over, there are spots of a whitish, velvety coating that does not rub off, and these spots correspond with where the bumps are. Below are photos of a typical leaf. I'd like to know what this is and what I should do about it. Thanks.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Check out the prior thread linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: grape phylloxera management

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

It does look somewhat like phylloxera, but I have since had it identified by a local garden center as Grape erineum mite, which is a much more trivial problem than phylloxera (thankfully!).

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Sergo Janashvili

Can anyone help me? I cant detect what disease is that!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

That looks like it could be leaf hopper damage. Google that and look for the little bugs on the backsides of the leaves. That kind of damage is called leaf stippling.


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