little bitty premature cherries

oldryderJune 8, 2012

Got 2 dwarf cherry trees that have produced well in the past. not sure what they are.

this year one of them looks good with lots of green fruit that looks normal.

the other tree has small relatively elongated fruit many of which appear to be turning red very prematurely. tree seems healthy otherwise.

suggestions anyone

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Every time I see fruits turning color prematurely, they're infested.

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Itilton, infested with what? Some of my Montmorency cherries look normal and some are turning prematurely yellow.

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Here, infested with PC

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Could be pc, could be lack of water, could be pollination, could be frost issues? Its so hard to know... What kind of cherries are we talking, sweet or sour?

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sour. if PC why only one tree? if I post a few pics will that help?

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Split open one of my premature yellowing cherries; it was free of insects, no PC. I think the late cold weather must have disrupted pollination. My tree was loaded with blossoms and fruit. We've had plenty of rain, spray sched. has been followed. I probably have forty cherries left of the tree. It was the odd winter, I'm sure.

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