Buds not breaking on certain sections

howboutbakeJune 11, 2014

Hi all,

Here are a couple pics of my newly planted espalier. The bottom two branches on the left hand side seem to have sections with buds that aren't breaking.

Should I be concerned? Is there anything I can do?

If you're wondering why the leaves are still so small, I live on Cape Breton Island where spring never seems to come :P

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Oops second pic didn't post

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No ideas? :(

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Down here that bare wood is from lack of chilling. Maybe yours is from excessive chilling, just kidding.

I'm no espalier expert. But maybe you need to prune back more to get those lower buds to break. It's probably too late now. But in the dormant season if you had shortened those branches by half the would be less bare wood. Then you do the same each year to force fuller budding.

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Thanks a ton!

It could be from lack of chilling because I just bought it this spring, and it could have come from California for all I know.

I will definitely prune it next winter!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I would guess lack of vigor from the transplanting. I notice the trees suffering from vigor issues tend to leave more of those dormant buds. They also tend to be left at the bases of shoots where yours are.

I also don't know enough about espalier to know how to fix it. My guess is when the tree is full sized the gap will not be noticeable since it will fill in.


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That could be too. Hopefully that will correct itself in time. I planted with some manure and bonemeal so it is well fed for the time being!

I wonder if spraying with seaweed emulsion would help with vigour?

Also, I vaguely remember something about notching above or below a bud to force something? Or is that something that isn't applicable in this situation?

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