cedar apple rust

guatejoJune 4, 2011

I have cedar apple rust on three varieties of apples that are suppose to be very resistant and no problem on northern spy which is suppose to be susceptible. Last summer I cut down the only cedar tree in the yard. It was heavily infested. Unfortunately I just threw it into the woods. Does anyone know if this infested cedar would be infecting the apple trees this year? Can I at this point pick off the infected leaves or is it better to leave them on? Thanks for any info.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

It could be helpful if you post images of what you suspect is rust.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

I'm curious- which 3 varieties are the resistant ones?

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The three varieties that have the rust are Enterprise, northfield beauty, and golden delicious.

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I have a photo but cannot find the link or way to post it.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Guate, if you cut it down in summer I would expect the galls would not be able to fully mature by then. They are formed from the maturing infection on your apple leaves which are only "ripening" about then. You will know for sure next year when you see how much infection you get. Picking off the leaves can leave the tree with too few good leaves and people usually don't do that. If you only have a couple and plenty of good leaves they could be picked off.

Junipers that are infecting your apple trees can be quite far away. My apples are getting a bit of it and I have walked around the neighborhood many times looking for the source and don't know where it is. At this point it is only cosmetic for me so I just leave it be.


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alan haigh

Scott's right, you don't need a nearby cedar to get CAR, it merely increases pressure- the spores travel quite far in wet windy conditions.

I also doubt the dead tree is the problem and you'd see the gummy infections on the wood if it was.

I've never thought of Golden Delicious as resistant- nearly all yellow apples are susceptable. I'm surprised you're having it on Enterprise, however. Sure it's properly labeled?

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My most promising Goldrush tree got hammered with CAR this year. My other Goldrush is untouched, and neither are my other apple trees. They all received the same sprays at the same time, so who knows? I simply have too many cedars on my property to cut them all down; however, I did notice galls on one of the closer ones to my orchard. It will be firewood soon.

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My enterprise apple was planted last year in hopes of leaving the rust behind. It is only 3 feet tall and absolutely covered. I just bought a liberty to replace it. Hope this one works out better. Thanks for the advice.

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I have 60 junipers on my property, CAR galls all over them. I never spray the Enterprise, and it's never had a speck of CAR. I'm also wondering if someone didn't label your tree correctly.

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Got the Liberty apple tree, planted it, and got cedar rust on it this past spring. The apple trees must be getting it from some tree off my property. I was surprised to see it on the Liberty though since it's said to be sooo resistant to deseases.

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alan haigh

A few spots of CAR is not a problem. If your Liberty was badly infected I have to wonder who you are buying your trees from- it doesn't seem they could be sending you the correct varieties.

I have grown Liberty within a few yards of infected junipers without meaningful problems.

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their is wheat rust too you know for the past 3 years my young osage orange tree been having the rust spots on the lower leaves even some on the stem hopefully not anymore sens a deer ate half of the young tree

i read where it said don't spray the leaves with any water because the rust spoors stick to that or something like that and thats how the rust keeps coming back because it likes humid moist areas and stuff it said try to keep the leaves dry and do not spray them with any water i tried this and it worked their was still some rust but not as bad.

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