Heavy redspots on Potted Blueberry

nandakumar(7)June 3, 2013

Almost all of the leaves of two of my blueberries Climax and Brightwell have heavy red/purple spots on the front side and the backside is completely turned red/purple.

These were bought from Home Depot in April and I noticed the red spots last week when I got back after out of country for 4 weeks. I water them using harvested rain water but in between tap water was used when I was out of country. I'm not sure of the soil pH, just ordered pH testing kit. Also I noticed spider mites in both the blueberry plants.

Attached picture has both front and backside of the leaves.


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Red leaves are probably from applying tap water. Check the media pH and go back to rain water. Apply sulfur if media is high pH. Also ammonium sulfate, 21-0-0, as fertilizer lowers soil pH.

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You have a powdery mildew problem. It effects the top and bottoms of rabbiteye leaves. Every one of my Rabbiteyes leaves look exactly as yours do. You can spray fungicide if you want. What I do is wait untill harvest is over then prune the crap out of them to a open center. You need air circulation and sun light, that will help but not totally eliminate. After the cuts heal over you can spray a fungicide or use a mix of 50% milk and 50% water as a spray. I used this mix on my Snowchaser a few weeks ago which is a Southern High Bush and gets powdery mildew bad and it knocked it out. The new growth that comes out will hold its leafs long enough into the fall for fruit bud formation. This is one of the huge issues I've found with Rabbiteyes. Leaf funguses are a real pain in the butt with these varieties of bluberries. I also like to be sure to pick up all leaves that have fallen on the ground. All year long. I've read that a good shower of the leaves will knock off the spores as well but I don't have time for that. I know it looks unsightly but it won't kill your plants and soil ph is not the problem. Powedery mildew is brought on from wet cool springs but thrives once established in a warm dry summer.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Thanks blueboy!! I learn something new every day. Fortunately we don't have powdery mildew here on blueberry. I had it one year on watermelon. Amazingly that was the year 2011 when it didn't rain all summer.

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Thanks Blueboy and Fruitnut,

I was really concerned when I looked at the plants with so much red spots after a month. Now I'm glad that nothing serious i going to happen to the plants.

yes.day I took sample leaves to local Calloways nursery and they weren't sure what it is but suggested to use neem oil for now and any pesticide after harvest is over.

Since these are new plants, they don't have much fruits but still I wait and prune these old branches and as you suggested I'll try milk mixture.


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