SWD prophylactic sprays

plumhillfarmJune 6, 2013

What are people doing for SWD sprays for cherries (and everything else as well) in the north east?

I read they can attack cherries 21 days before they are ripe, so it is time to act.

Entrust? Others? What schedule?

THanks, Eric

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SWD is a problem in the northeast. They haven't really come out in full force yet. I spray with triazicide a spectricide product. Works for me. Mrs. G

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

I have em by my raspberries. I suspect they're localized in the soil so maybe a spinosad soil drench is the way to go if you know where they are, like in my case.

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I have been following the movement of SWD into VT as well.
Were they a problem for you in the valley last year?

I hope the concern is overstated....but some very experienced people are saying alarming things. And with organic practices our hands are really pretty tied to a few options on this one. Which is problematic as the folks out west found resistance developed quite quickly without rotation of pesticide.
As I recall you were not running organic, which provides several more options, but it might still be an uphill fight.

You have likely seen the recs developed for sweet cherry in WA but here is a link. I think folks up here would do well to use that as a frame work but obviously it will need to be adapted some.


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Windfall, all summer long, I am sent email up-dates almost daily/weekly on the progression of SWD. I get the up-dates from the head of Hort. at the University of RI They set out traps throughout the state to monitor their travel and numbers. Nasty things. Ruin strawberries and raspberries. Mrs. G

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

They TOTALLY ruined our raspberries last year. I hear sticky traps baited with vinegar trap them and signal their presence... Good luck.

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