X-Disease in my 2 yr old Peach tree?

dhromeoJune 6, 2012

After searching online, the most similar match I can find on what these peach leaves appear to be X-Disease? I bought the Belle of Georgia peach tree from Gurney's, and transplanted in april of last year. also transplanted a 2 in 1 Apple tree, and I'm not sure if the trees look ok or not. Pretty sure the peach tree is going to have to be replaced, but anyone with knowledge of diseases please enlighten me.



From what I have read the carrier is chokecherry, and the minimum isolation distance is 500 feet? I have a line of hedge trees on the west line of one of the pastures, and I will be destroying anything that remotely looks like choke cherry this afternoon. I have 4 cherry trees that I transplanted this spring and those MUST survive. I can live without peaches for a year but I cannot live without my cherries.

Here is a link that might be useful: X disease in my peach

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I am pretty sure that is bacterial spot, not X disease. X disease is very uncommon, I have never seen it. Bacterial spot is ubiquitous. It is also hard to ID because it has many different appearances depending on the weather etc, and there is no good on-line gallery. This spring I pulled up a peach I thought had a virus and after pulling it up realized it was yet another unusual expression of bacterial spot (the tree next to it also got it and I watched it evolve to a more familiar look).


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

To me your trees look nitrogen deficient. You might try adding a bit of fertilizer and I think they'll green up.

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That may well be, they have only been in the ground for 14 months now. I have used gurney's fruit tree fertlizer last year, and fertilizer spikes this year, about a foot away from the base of the tree.

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My peach tree leaves looked the same very early this past spring and it turned out to be Peach Leaf Curl. The leaves were, from pink to red with spots and then the curling began! Mrs. G PS yikes! what a farm! Lovely!

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Thanks, I like my little slice of heaven.

I knew where they were, they have been growing for a few years now, and I decided to leave them for the birds. There is no mistaking them, chokecherry trees, with a nasty looking disease to them. Seeing as how stone fruit have a co-morbidity with disease, I figured I would ask you your opinions of what might be going on.

Also, is there a bacterial spot disease that affects both apple trees and peach trees, or apple, peach and chokecherry? You can see in the above photo of the apple tree (last 2 pics of first post) that the leaves on it don't look quite right either, but certainly not to the level of the peach. Would peach leaf curl have any effect on an apple tree?

I took better pictures that weren't blury or close up, but the three mentioned diseases all seem like they have similar symptoms, and last year there was no noticable leafhopper activity. Curious.


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olpea(zone 6 KS)


To me it looks nutritional w/ possibly some bac. spot thrown in. The healthy leaves should be a darker green. You have grass growing right up next to the trunk. Grass sucks up a lot of nutrients and well established sod is pretty competitive against a young peach tree, even though you've applied some fertilizer.

As you're aware X disease is a concern if you have chokecherries. I wouldn't waste any time chainsawing those things.

X disease symptoms are more pronounced on cherry trees, so you might watch them closely.

X disease on sweet cherries enlarges the stipules (the tiny leaves at the base of the normal leaves) like this:

X disease will kill sour cherries on mahaleb.

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john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)

My peach trees are 5 years old last year around June or July they started turning yellow from trunk out.The problem was they ran out of food. Had to add small amount of nitrogen.Trees got better.

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Thank you so much for all your info, I am totally in the dark when it comes to trees.

How do I treat for bacterial spot, what kinds of controls and treatments can I use? The chokecherries have a date with my chainsaw and a can full of kerosene.

As for the nutrient deficiencies, the grass shall be smothered with hay mulch directly.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


Sounds like you are quickly getting on top of things.

Bacterial spot is best managed by choosing resistant varieties.

I think most of your problem is nutritional. In my experience, Belle of Georgia is fairly resistant to bac. spot. I think your tree will look a lot different once the nutrition is right.

I have a couple of varieties that are quite susc. to spot and spray them with FlameOut. It's the same thing as Mycoshield. I plan to remove these varieties eventually.

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Chris: From my experience, I think fruitnut is right on target with the nitrogen deficiency diagnosis. I have three 2 year old peaches that were planted last winter that had the exact same red spots that developed over the last 6 weeks. I applied a cup of 10-10-10 to each tree about 2 weeks ago and after some rains I checked this morning and the leaves have all greened up and the spots are gone. It is recommended by the University of Georgia to give new peach trees 2 applications of 10-10-10, one at bloom time and the 2nd in late May, early June and it seemed to work for me.

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