my white peach tree

mrsg47(7)June 16, 2014

Hi all I have been watching my peach tree that lost many leaves for the past week. I am now convinced it was 'old' captan that burned the leaves. The leaves looked as if they had 'shot hole' overnight, then dropped. All of the new leaves are doing fine and the peaches did not drop. They are about the size of a quarter now. The other peach trees are doing well, and were not quite as sensitive to the spray. I will learn to rinse out my tanks more thoroughly. Wheww, Mrs. G

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Mrs. G.,

Glad that the mystery was solved and that it's a happy ending.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Captan is approved for use on peaches, a lower dose than say strawberries though. So not sure why they would drop leaves? Shothole on peaches btw can be treated with captan. You can use it at 3 or 4 day intervals too. I have used it on my peaches, no problems. I will be careful to make sure dose it right for any future use.
What happens is I need it for strawberries, I may have extra in the tank once done. So use it as intended as it best not to waste these products down the drain, or poor unto the grass. So it treats shothole, blossum blight, scab, and brown rot. it's one of the few fungicides I can use on pluots, that I have on hand. Most of my sprays cannot. So they get it first after the strawberries. It worked well this year with acidic water, no grey mold on my strawberries this year! Yeah! Thanks for the acidic water tip Olpea!

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Your welcome Drew. As you know Captan degrades fast in high pH water.

I'm still puzzled about Mrs. G's captan burning. I've seen photos of burned out shothole in peaches from Captan, but never experienced it myself.

I've used Captan for years on peaches to control scab. Most of the time I use it at the max. rate. I've used it at dusk when drying is the slowest and highest risk for burn. I've used it with a spreader/sticker (as an adjuvant to an insecticide in the tank) which also increases the risk for burn.

Never once have I seen any shothole burn from Captan. I've only heard reports of it.

I suppose it's possible some cultivars are more susc. to captan burn than others. Mrs. G, what variety of white peach dropped it's leaves?

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I did also notice last year that Captan scarred my Italian plums. The residue of spraying puddled at the bottom of the hanging plums and there was a circular scar. I must have been a bit heavy handed with Captan. Again, my fault. As for my white peach, the leaves where you could see spray damage is now all holes. White peaches seem to be more sensitive than yellow peaches? Thanks all, Mrs. G

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Well at least you know what did it, and that your tree will be OK. I have Arctic Glo Nectarine, and Indian Free, both technically white, they didn't show any problems.

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alan haigh

There is always a certain level of phytotoxicity with Captan- the liquid versions also don't store well so may not mix thoroughly. I usually get a little Captan burn on peaches where a certain percentage of leaves turn yellow and drop within a week of so of spray but no real harm done. If the growing season is very wet and apple leaves very tender it will burn their leaves also, but not forcing them to drop.

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MrsG47, I have had the scarring on the bottom of my plums and other fruit, but since I use a mixture of fungicides and pesticides, never knew which one caused the scarring. Are you only using captan? I used the sticker/spreader and thought perhaps that was causing the scarring.

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Hi hoseman. I never used captan before last year, so it was the only new addition to my mix. I use triazicide, immunox with a sticker ONLY this year, no captan or so I thought. Captan is white as are my sprayer tanks so I missed rinsing all of it out. Ugh. The tree is coming back with new leaves. Next year I think I'll try Kocide 3000 instead.

I spray Monterey Fungi Fighter separately. Mrs. G

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I use Captan 50WP on peaches, apples and my Stanley plum. My rate is 2TB/gallon which was the rate for many years. Recently looking at the new rates online, I see many now use this product at 1-1.5 TB per gallon. I see I am now on the high end of rate use.

I did not have any spotting on peach or plum from Captan
despite the high rate I applied it at. My water is from a well
but I have not tested the pH.

I wish you well on white peaches. Several times I bought them at the local grocery and had no luck on decent ones.
I wrote off white peaches as somehow not being as tasty as
yellow fleshed ones. This spring to my surprise the BEST
peaches from the grocery have been the whites! Super sweet and a real joy to eat. No idea where they are coming from but the grower should get a medal for supplying such a quality peach.

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Spartan, good to hear you had a 'rare' experience of buying good fruit at the supermarket. I am so spoiled now. And. . . you had great white peaches. I am growing my white peaches for their sugar content. Can't wait! The leaves are now staying on white peach tree and no more are falling off. All of the new young growth is unblemished. Thanks! Mrs. G

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

"I use Captan 50WP on peaches...I did not have any spotting on peach or plum from Captan despite the high rate I applied it at"

I currently use Captan 80wdg and haven't ever seen any spotting on peach or plum.

I wonder if it's the formulation Mrs. G is using. Once I used a bottle of homeowner chlorthalonil for early blight on tomatoes and it would pretty much kill foliage on tomatoes every time I used it. I used less and less each time, till I was using about 1/4 of the recommended rate. Even then it was still killing foliage.

I tried a commercial formulation of chlorothalonil on the tomatoes at full strength and it worked fine.

Here is a pic of a white peach (Lady Nancy). Sprayed a week ago with Captan (full strength) with Nufilm 17 (strongest sticker out there). The picture doesn't show it very well in the morning sun, but the foliage is perfect (weed control isn't very good, and it needs summer pruned).

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Olpea, It must be the 'homeowners' variety? Its fairly obvious to me that if the same thing happened this time last year, its not the weather. The leaves, with holes are now staying on the tree and are once again very tough. I'll just try and live without Captan. Can I use Monterey FF as an alternative? As always, Thanks so much! Mrs. G

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

So what brands? Don't condemn every home owner brand, be specific.

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